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Un amour pour l’étrange et le gracieux…

Narcissa has always had a love for languages.  Among the modern languages that she can speak fluently are English, French, and Latin.  She is in the process of learning Ancient Greek and Russian.  She’s always showed a talent for French, presumably inherited from her mother, Druella.  This comes with her love of French culture and ballet.  

Narcissa has always loved ballet, since the moment she was put into a dance class with her two siblings. It became more than a hobby for her, an outlet for her hopes and fears.  She was better at it than Bellatrix and Andromeda and had considerably more time and thoughts invested into it.  To this day, she still drags Lucius to the ballet and to the opera with her, wishing, in another life, that she could have been the prima ballerina on stage.

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  · Decaying Tapestry // Narcissa and Ted // October 23rd, 1972


Ted was a patient man, but from listening to Andy’s reasoning which led her down the path she chose, she did not want to part from her family. And yet, she did and it was one of the consequences she had to pay to be with him. Andy didn’t like to talk about it, especially now with the wedding coming up; “I don’t want to think about them. I want to think about us.” He had a feeling though that she thought about them than she cared to admit and the denial was a way of dealing with it. Listening to Narcissa speak as if it was Andy’s sole intention to marry him was to break away from her family was frustrating to listen to. At this point in time, it was like talking to a brick wall.

I’m aware of those things and that Andy is taking my name, but it’s no more mine than hers and the joining of two families even if one doesn’t bother to show up. Ted leaned back in his chair, and crossed his arms casually while Narcissa continued her recited speech, which sounded more like what was preached to a small child when they asked unwanted questions. Between him and Andy, they tried prevent hiding any secrets from each other – everything was going to be shared. When she told him of her parents’ teachings, it was difficult for him to stay quiet and not protest especially since her voice automatically reached an aristocratic and arrogant tone. His father had repeatedly told him to try to understand beliefs and cultures before making judgements; Ted tried whenever he could and was successful most of the time, but the whole blood status thing never made any sense to him and he’d certainly made his assumptions.

How ironic that the bottom of a ladder or any sort of structure must be the most important place since that is where the foundation is, Ted thought wryly. He did his best to let the harsh words pass over him, but his patience continued to burn like the wick of a candle. Now there’s something we agree upon, although I have a feeling we still won’t see eye to eye.

Ted sighed and leaned forward again, resting his arms on the table, “No matter what I say, or you say, we’re not going to get anywhere with this conversation if we try to argue the age-old purity thing. Let’s just focus on our commonalities,” which are probably few and far between, “we both want Andromeda to be happy, right? Think how happy she would be to see you that day – I won’t be anywhere around, I promise.” This was his last attempt; Ted couldn’t think of any other way to try to re-direct the conversation from blood status, which to him, had nothing to do with trying to get these two sisters together on an important day. Furthermore, he wasn’t sure if he could continue the conversation if Narcissa continued with her arrogant charade.

If he was successful in his endeavor, Ted would mark it as some sort of celebration of breaking down that barrier. A voice in the back of his mind told him that the likeliness had been shot from the start. It was strange, having this conversation, or rather disagreement with someone not much younger than him. That was something Ted had noticed about the magical world, everyone seemed to “grow-up” faster than those in the Muggle world.

Someone came over to their table, evidently they’d been spotted taking up a seat and not buying anything. It would be one of those “You gonna have anything, or are you gonna get out?” Ted let her order first, waiting to order a pint of anything at this point. 

Narcissa pursed her lips as the waitress came over.  The waitress was stocky and short, with a face that reminded Narcissa very much of a toad.  The waitress’ face looked very much like she wanted to kick them out if they didn’t order anything.  Ted was waiting for her to order, she realised, and Narcissa smirked.  ”This conversation will soon be over.” She said coolly, glaring at the older woman.  ”There is no need for me to order anything.”  Her chin raised haughtily as she looked at the waitress dead on, challenging her.  There was enough authority in her voice that the waitress looked at her with a bit of disdain that she couldn’t mask.  Narcissa had proved herself superior.  

Andromeda would be happy if she went to the wedding.  She knew that.  But at the same time, she could not bring herself to do it.  Selfish, yes, but she didn’t want to go and see her sister happy without her.  They had dreamed of their marriages for years.  They had chosen detail after detail as girls.  Narcissa had always wanted a winter wedding, delicate crystals and winter flowers hanging over the tables.  Andromeda had never known what she wanted, seeing the good in all the seasons for a marriage.  This was their dream.  Countless rainy afternoons had been spent musing over hot cocoa how they would spend the rest of their lives, how much time they would spend together as young women.

But Andromeda had left her.  Hadn’t even said goodbye, shattered the dream and her family.  She’d just left without a word after countless months of drifting and isolating and not talking.  Then, one day, she was just gone.  She’d forsaken her family for someone who was so much less than her family.  

In truth, the past year had been hard on Narcissa, but she would only ever admit that to two people - one person now.  Lucius was what she could hold on to, even though she still had her doubts about him, that he would leave her. 

Narcissa’s eyes narrowed as Ted spoke again. “You’re the one who brought it up in the first place.” Her voice was low, bitter and indignant like the child she was, no matter how much she tried to pretend she wasn’t.  She was having trouble finding the right words.  She wanted to say that she would go, to see her sister on what should have been the happiest day of her life.  

For obvious reasons, she couldn’t tell Ted what she really thought.  Part of her wanted to.  Another part of her vehemently refused.  It was that part that fuelled her anger.  ”You have no right.” Her voice remained low, now deadly quiet, her anger apparent though it must have seemed out of place.  ”You have no right to come here and insist that I go to a wedding where I have no business whatsoever. Andromeda has closed that door - rather, slammed it in our faces.  Then, to add insult to injury, you come and ask me to attend,” here, she bit her lip, already regretting what she was about to say. “It’s clear that she wants nothing more to do with my family.”  My family, not ours, not hers. That’s right, Now it was her family.  Andromeda was no longer a Black.  She had made that clear.

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  · Don’t Want to Be Here | Amycus & Narcissa | 12/16/78 | Political Parties Prompt


Amycus blinked at her comment about women being commodities and frowned slightly, “Whut’s a commodity?” he asked and the frowned when she went on to talk about things being bought and traded.  Was that what a commodity meant?  But what did that have to do with his Alecto?  Gods, why did people have to talk in circles so much.  Why couldn’t they just stick to one thing and keep talking about it?  Especially when that thing was his Alecto.  That was a topic he actually gave a damn about, unlike most conversations.

He sighed and shook his head.  These parties were always like this for him. If he really got into a conversation with someone, more often than not they started drifting into worlds that made no sense, because it had to be that the world had shifted on him since he knew he was smart enough to follow a simple conversation.  But then the worlds had to go and adjust to the unreal worlds where things started to go all wonky and people used words that made no sense and talked about things that didn’t match up with what they had been talking about seconds beforehand.  

He looked around, grabbing another glass from a passing waiter and quickly took a long drink.  Glancing around at the other people milling about the room, he blinked as a few of them twisted, watching him.  For a moment he thought maybe it was just in passing, but they were literally focused in on him, watching him even as they walked and then turning to look back, their necks craning to odd angles as they did so.

Oh Fuck.

Reaching for his ring, he began to twist it around on his finger as he quickly looked away from the people whose heads were now twisted akimbo as though their necks had been snapped, all the while still watching him.  This didn’t happen often, but sometimes the world started to go truly off on him.  Not just the normal level of off, but sometimes he wound up in a world where nothing was real and everything was suspect.  It was typically when he was really upset or tired…

Or maybe it was talking to Lady Malfoy.  She’d started the world going off kilter when she’d started using words that weren’t real.  Maybe she’d pulled him with her?  But no… things had felt off from the moment he’d come into this thrice-damned ballroom.  

He looked back over at her and winced when he saw that even her beautiful face was shifting slightly.  Her eyes had gone slightly violet and her hair was no longer blonde but a strange sort of fiery red…

Closing his eyes, he tried to focus on what she was saying.  Just focus on her and bring himself back to the world that made sense.  he could do that.

Licking his lips, he said, “It’s definitely best to have the choice, so long as you chose right.  I mean, at least you chose Lord Malfoy.  You’ve got a sister who chose some filthy Mudblood don’t you?”  He shook his head, tossing back some more of the wine and taking a long pull on his cigarette, trying to get the world back into focus.  He sighed, “Sorry about that.  I’m sure she regrets it now,” he said.  She must, obviously.  Who wouldn’t?

The blank face that she was given caught her by surprise.  He was a Pureblood, should he not have received the correct education?  She blinked a couple of times, trying to figure out how to respond before she coolly recovered.  ”Usually it’s a rare, tradable object of some value.”  She began to wonder how Master Carrow had educated his children.  If his heir did not know basic vocabulary, how would he ever be expected to take up the estate?

Still perplexed by his lack of knowledge, she watched as he grabbed another glass from a waiter carrying a silver tray, downing it.  He looked around, as if disoriented.  She supposed that it was all the wine that he had been downing, but one could never be sure.  He was looking at her as if she were a stranger, face pale and eyes wide. 

She was startled when he spoke again, his tone surprisingly level given his seemingly askew behavior.  She was, in fact, so startled that she missed what he had said at first, until she thought about it a second later. To say that her already fair skinned face paled further would be an understatement.  His apology seemed more geared to the fact that she had done it than to the fact that he had said it.  

Her nails dug into her palms as her fists clenched and she tried to find adequate words to convey to the host’s heir.  It would not do to insult him, nor could she let it pass.

"Yes, I did choose Lucius and I am happy.  As for my sister, she dug her own grave and now she can lie in it  However, I suggest you think about what you say before you say it, especially to those above your rank."  She pursed her lips, figuring that all of the alcohol he had consumed had begun to impair his common sense.  

Now she felt vindictive.  ”Your sister would have had a chance to choose as well, had she chosen to play the game.  She would not have found herself in such a position if she had worked the system to her own advantage.”  She gave a little scoff here. “It’s much easier to manipulate than it is to fight against, young Master Carrow.  Though I suppose you would know little of that, given your position in the family.”  Her words were cold but rang true. This world was easier for men than it was for women, and few men knew it and those who did never cared to admit it. They would never realise that their entire world hinged upon the women they sold and bartered like goods.

"I guess one could consider it just a lesson to remember."


A show o

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Of Stars, Galaxies and Daffodils

"I’ll never forgive you!" Bellatrix screamed and shook the tall gates, shocking Narcissa into silence. Rage filled the eldest Black sister. "I’ll never forgive you for leaving us!" 

"Toujours pur."

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

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  · Decaying Tapestry // Narcissa and Ted // October 23rd, 1972


Ted hadn’t had just barely finished his greeting when her statement came out of her mouth. Interfering? Where on earth did that come from, he asked himself with confusion. He wanted to say something, but Narcissa continued.

This whole idea of trying to get some part of Andy’s family together for their union, was his. He thought that the whole ‘blood thing’ could work both ways; they could put aside their prejudices for an hour or two, Hell, even to just say hello and then leave would be fine. Andy of course stated that they wouldn’t, she had been disowned after all. Ted knew that the prestigious Blacks didn’t approve of him and during their school days, they and the other elitists reminded him of it every chance they had. Perhaps it was his naivety that drove his determination to try to make it work, or perhaps it was somehow a way to relieve some of the guilt he felt as a result of her disownment.

Narcissa spoke of possession. I once thought that too, but not anymore. It had crossed his mind many times, especially during the first few months they spent together and the time between now and leading up to their wedding. Ted could see that the blond was becoming more furious as she spoke her harsh words at him, blaming him for everything. He’d thought that Narcissa would be the most reasonable of the two sisters; Bellatrix would not have come and if she did, she would have hexed him by now. I am still in my chair, so that’s a good sign, he thought grimly.

Mudblood, Ted hadn’t gotten use to that horrid word and doubted that he ever would. As she said it, he could feel a spark of his own anger but he quelled it as best as he could. It brought back memories of duels and fist fights in the hallways, ones that always left bruises. And as he took more interest with Andy, the more frequent they became. Were it not for his grades and nature, he imagined he would have done fine in the Auror Department.

“Narcissa, I’m not asking you to come my wedding; I’m asking you to come to Andy’s as family. She won’t have anyone there otherwise. And don’t you think it’s important that at such a time like this, she should have some family with her,” he asked, taking the moment of silence for his own to fill before she spoke again. “You don’t have to stay long, just to say hello to Andy. I know it would mean a lot to her to have one of her sisters there.” That’s good, Ted, keep the conversation focused on our common interest, Andy.  

“This whole blood status issue, is it really that paramount that it will split a family?” As he asked the question, Ted immediately regretted it. You weren’t going to mention that, idiot. That’s going to have the opposite effect that you wanted. “Forget I asked,” Ted added quickly, trying to revert his error even though he knew his attempt would make little difference. 

The Mudblood’s words were needles piercing deep into her flesh.  Her name out of his mouth felt like an abomination.  She knew all this, had thought about all of it.  The pain that Andromeda would feel at being abandoned by her family, her sisters.  She didn’t know why she was still here, why she was listening to him, why she even felt the slightest pull to try and make this work.  She was betrayed by Andromeda, left behind by Andromeda.  Andromeda left her for a Mudblood, of all things.  

The house had seemed empty since Bella had married and Andromeda had left.  It was just her and her parents now. She was left alone to be their sole object of attention - never a good thing.  Even so, as angry and as betrayed as she was, she understood Andromeda.  They had been told since their birth what to do and how to do it.  Everything was dictated for them.  There was little to no choice in any matter.  Then all of a sudden, this stupid little Mudblood comes along and she’s oh-so-smitten.  Narcissa still hung on to the hopes that she was doing it as a rebellion and that she would come back to the family and marry as she was intended to and everything would be okay.

As Ted spoke, she could feel herself drawing herself up in her chair, although younger, trying to make herself seem the “more important” person that she was supposed to be.  ”Andromeda left her family behind.  For whatever reason-” she directed a pointed glare at Ted, “she has decided that some things were more important than family.”  Her eyes narrowed as she fought the urge to hex him here and now, laws of underrage magic be damned.  

"Andromeda left her family." She repeated. "As far as I am concerned, she disowned us.” Even as she said it, she knew that wasn’t quite right.  The us was singular to Narcissa.  Andromeda left and disowned her sister, her blood.  She continued so that Ted could not take that opportunity to intervene, her voice taking on the signature holier-than-thou tone.  It was something that she had not quite yet mastered and sounded strange coming out of the mouth of the sixteen year old girl.  It was one of her last lines of defense at the moment.  

"Weddings, as a rule, include two people - something that I’m sure you are aware of."  She dragged the long nail of her index finger across the tablecloth, feeling each and every stitch.  "Andromeda’s wedding is your wedding.  A union.  In fact, it’s more your wedding than hers.  She’s taking your stupid, filthy name.”  Narcissa did not touch the idea that it would mean a lot to her sister.  It would mean a lot to both of them, something they’ve dreamed of and romanticized for as long as they could remember.  

Narcissa stiffened, biting her lip.  Later in her life, she would think back on this question and wonder, but now, she had a definitive answer for the Mudblood sitting across from her.  ”You and all of your kind should learn their place, at the bottom of the ladder.  For whatever cruel stroke of fate, you’ve received magic that should have never been yours in the first place.  The blood in your veins taints that very magic, an abomination.” She remembered the various speeches that her mother gave her as a child, repeating them almost word for word.  This had all been instillied in her, as it was in Andromeda. “There is no forgetting.” She said, her tone stony, “Never forgetting.  Everything shapes a person into who they are.  You would do well to remember that.”

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  · Don’t Want to Be Here | Amycus & Narcissa | 12/16/78 | Political Parties Prompt


Amycus smiled, rocking back and forth from his heels to the balls of his feet at her thanks.  His ‘Lecto would be extremely proud of him.  She liked it when he behaved himself and was friendly with the other Death Eaters.  And she was always encouraging him to gather friendships and be more approachable.

The truth was though, he’d really just wanted to do it.  It had felt good… right… to offer the older Death Eater something.  She had never been rude or called him stupid.  She was hot, which was always a plus because, really, why look at ugly people if you didn’t have to?  And she understood the shit deal that his Alecto was getting.  As far as Amycus Carrow was concerned, this put her at the very top of the food chain.  

Shrugging, he smiled at her and said, “It’s my absolute pleasure Lady Malfoy.  Nobody should ever not have a birthday present on their birthday.”

He leaned back, taking a long drink of his new glass of wine, and then considered the beautiful blonde.  He really wasn’t much of a conversationalist (he couldn’t even spell it).  Most of his interactions came in the form of bullying or fucking.  It really was too bad that the married ones were off limits.  He could use a good fuck right now.  

His eyes slid back to Alecto involuntarily at the thought and some of the pleasure went out of them.  He threw back the remainder of his wine in a gulp and leaned back, ice blue eyes trailing over her beautiful form.  She was so poised and confident.  She was utterly radiant.  Like a diamond in the middle of a field of coal.

Leaning back against the wall, he said, as much to himself as to Narcissa, “Wonder if it’s like this for all pureblood women, or if it’s just our fucking father’s fault.”  He grit his teeth in annoyance and grumbled, “Probably just him.  It’s the sort of fuckin sick shit he’d pull.”

Or at least… he thought so.  In the real world anyway.  Not the fake world where his father loved and cared for him and would do anything that he asked.  That world was the world where his Alecto was something shameful and disgusting.  Where he was told over and over how evil she was.  

But that world wasn’t real.  He knew it wasn’t.  And so that meant that this world was real.  This world where his ‘Lecto loved him and his ‘Lecto was perfect, but was on display like some kind of meat.

And needing that confirmation that this was something real, he turned to Narcissa and said, “Wus it like this for you?  Before you were married to Lord Malfoy I mean.”

The slight shrug that Amycus gave her puzzled her.  She hadn’t realized that he would be so inclined as to give her a gift.  Here, without her husband, she was felt inconsequential as this farce of a party and whoever had the distinct joy of marrying Alecto.  It didn’t matter who, and she knew it.  What mattered was that someone did it.  

Looking at Amycus, it was easy to see his disdain for the surrounding party.  That was what made his kindness towards her most strange.  She had heard tales of the two twins, never really being in the same circles aside from the Pureblood gatherings that were held. His almost carefree attitude struck her as odd among this party of falsities and carefully constructed lies.  

His comment about presents on birthdays seemed off, his eyes seeming to cast themselves in to the past, perhaps recalling some event where that had indeed happened.  Even so, the gesture did not go unappreciated.  It was attention that was long overdue, especially considering the recent absence of her husband.

She smiled at what seemed to be Amycus musing to himself, a slight laugh pealing through the air.  ”It’s like this for all women, young Carrow.  We’re naught but commodities to be traded and sold, perfect little girls bred to be perfect wives, perfect mothers.  Few get to fight against the grain, and even fewer succeed.”  She took a small sip of her wine, finishing it delicately before placing it on the tray of a passing waiter.  ”I’m sure you would be surprised how common these are.  Myself, I’ve been to quite a few, even before my own, and now after.”

His question startled her and she had to think.  Was it like this?  She had always thought that she had chosen Lucius, that their perpetual attraction had led them to each other, but then she thought about all the times that she met Lucius as a child, how his mother always seemed to come over for tea, how they would always play in the garden and how he would always comfort her when Andromeda and Bella went off to play their older kid games, assuring her that “there was no place for her” in them.  She wanted to say that they chose each other, that they were left to their own devices, but, now that she thought about it, she supposed that she couldn’t.

She paused before she spoke, taking a breath.  ”In a manner of speaking.” She said, tightly and with difficulty, afraid to acknowledge the truth.  ”My mother organized a variety of balls to ensure that it was known that I was available, and given the nature of the Black name, it was not long until potential suitors came calling.  Though, it had always been fixed that Bellatrix would marry Rodolphus and that Rabastan would be betrothed to…” She stopped, not wanting to think about that now.  Andromeda would not come up.  She, as well, had chosen her fate.

"Yes, that Bella would marry Rodolphus.  I suspect that my mother had some hand in engineering my marriage and betrothal, but in the end, it was I who chose Lucius, and he who chose me."  She spoke the words with a deciding tone, not sure who she was trying to convince, Amycus, or herself.